Jack Ganley

Added:  Sep 28, 2017
We join Jack Ganley at the gym where we find him sitting down, dressed only in his shorts and doing arm curls. His body is ripped and you can see the muscles move as he does he curls. Jack lies back on the workout bench and as he spreads his legs you get a glimpse of the skimpy underwear he’s got on underneath his workout shorts. Jack gets up onto the power tower for a session of leg presses. He jumps down; his big ole cock bouncing quite noticeably in his shorts. Jack notices his growing bulge so he leans back and starts stroking his cock thru his shorts. He looks around to make sure no one is watching, pulls out his cock and starts jacking it right there in the workout room. He walks over to the bench, pulls his short off entirely, sits down and after a quick spit of saliva on his cock, Jack gets down to really pleasuring himself. His cock is rock hard; standing straight up. His balls are large and tight; bouncing with each stroke. Jack manages to get around to almost every piece of workout equipment before lying out on the rubber mat in the center of the gym. He gives his cock one last good work out and dumps a thick, juicy load of jizz all over his rock hard abs.
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