James and Greg

Added:  Nov 04, 2017
Greg Noll was anxiously waiting for his beefy friend James Huck to arrive. They had not seen each other in a while and both were very horny. The moment James walks in our two young studs head straight for the bed where they start stripping each other out of their clothes as they bury each other’s tongues deep in each other’s mouths. Greg is the first one out of his clothes. His cock is standing straight up and James drops down; swallowing up every inch of Greg’s thick piece of uncut meat. James spins around in the bed and Greg moves to give James’ cock some oral loving before he drives his cock straight up James’ tight asshole. Greg wastes no time and begins pounding James mercilessly; but, James wants to ride this pony. Greg lies down and James mounts Greg’s cock. He slides down slowly at first; but, then begins feverishly bouncing up and down as he feels Greg’s dick rubbing his prostate. James rolls over on the bed and Greg slides in from the rear; pushing his cock back into James’ hole. As the pounding continues Greg is the first one who can’t hold it any longer. He pulls out and squirts a thick load of jizz all over James’ balls and cock. Greg’s love juice coating his nuts puts James over the edge and he unloads his cock of all of its thick, creamy cum.
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