Justin and Nikol

Added:  Jan 27, 2018
Justin Evans is looking for something to do when he gets a text from hunky stud Nikol Monak. An invitation is extended asking Justin to come over for a little playtime. Justin quickly makes his way to Nikol’s apartment. Once there, Justin climbs on top of Nikol who is sitting on the sofa. They immediately start kissing and groping each other’s tight bodies. As their clothes come off, Nikol is the first one naked. Justin drops to his knees and immediately goes down on Nikol, swallowing all eight inches of his thick, uncut cock. Nikol pushes Justin back on the sofa and pulls his cock from his underwear. Nikol sucks down every inch of Justin’s rock-hard cock. Judging by the moaning and breathing these two studs are definitely into each other. Justin rolls over on the sofa, shoves his ass in the air and Nikol gladly drives his cock deep inside Justin’s hole. Nikol thrusts deep and hard; his cock probing Justin’s prostate and his balls slapping against Justin’s ass. Sitting back on the sofa Nikol points his cock straight up, Justin climbs on top and slides down onto Nikol’s dick. The ass-pounding continues and Justin jerks wildly at his cock. Nikol and Justin lay down on the sofa and Nikol slides his cock deep into Justin again. The intense fucking continues and when Nikol is ready to blow, he delivers a thick, juicy load all over Justin’s face and into his waiting mouth. Justin licks Nikol’s cock clean while he continues jerking his own cock. In no time at all Justin squirts a thick load of cum all over his rock-hard abs.
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