Kieron and Orson

Added:  Jun 16, 2018
Kieron Knight leans over and plants his lips on Orson Deane’s mouth. As they are lip-locked in a kiss, Orson’s hands begin wandering around Kieron’s shirt as he tries his hardest to get it off of Kieron. Kieron obliges by just standing up and stripping off all of his clothes. His cock is already rock hard and pointing straight up. Orson drops to his knees and swallows the entire length of Kieron’s thick, uncut dick. Kieron gives Orson a good face-fucking before kneeling down to service Orson’s raging hard-on. Our two young studs are quick to get down to business. Orson kneels onto the sofa with his ass pointed in Kieron’s direction, and Kieron wastes no time shoving his thick cock deep into Orson’s tight hole. Kieron pounds away at Orson’s ass, but Orson has something else in mind. He has Kieron lay on the sofa, pushes his legs back in the air, and slowly pushes his own cock right up Kieron’s ass. Orson gives Kieron a fucking he won’t soon forget, but before Kieron blows his wad, he flip-flops again and has Orson lay down on the sofa. Orson’s legs go back, and Keiron’s thick cock starts plowing Orson’s ass again. The intense fucking continues as Orson starts jacking his cock. His body soon tightens and cum starts squirting out of his cock. Kieron keeps on fucking, and at the same time, he tries to lick Orson’s cum-oozing cock. He pulls his cock out of Orson’s hole just in time to blow a thick load of cum all over Orson’s hairy chest and abs.
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