Kit Wilde

Added:  Mar 13, 2018
Kit Wilde loves underwear so much that he has over 7,000 pair; and, is also a designer. If you want to know where to find his underwear, you’ll have to watch the video. We find out during the interview that it’s a little cold in the room where they are filming. Kit warms things up when he strips off his clothes, sits back on the sofa; and, begins stroking his long, uncut cock. He spies a mirror at the end of the sofa, jumps up; and, obviously gets off on his reflection. It’s not long before Kit is bent over in front of the mirror, legs spread; and, his hole stretched wide. Kit turns around and sits down on the arm of the sofa. He continues jacking his cock; and, tweaking his nipples all while continuing to stare at himself in the mirror. Apparently into looking at his own hole, Kit finds himself bent over in front of the mirror again. He focuses on jacking harder than before. His cock is rock-hard; and, his balls are tight. He jumps over the arm of the sofa, lies back; and, begins pounding away on the full length of his dick. When he blows, it’s explosive. Jizz literally goes flying everywhere. You may find yourself wishing you could have been there to be doused by the spray of cum.
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