Larry McCormick

Added:  Feb 06, 2018
Larry McCormick is one hunky dude. He obviously works out a lot because his body is in spectacular shape. He lies back on the sofa massaging his ripped muscular chest and arms. Pulling off his shirt he gives us a better view of his hot, incredibly sculpted body. As he pulls off his pants, his hands go to work rubbing the growing bulge in his underwear. He soon slips out of his underwear, takes his uncut cock in hand and begins jacking it. His cock starts growing thicker and longer as he beats it against his rock-hard abs. Larry moves over to the bed, lies down and as he continues to jack his cock he spreads his legs letting the camera zoom in close on his tight, sweet ass. Closing his eyes and apparently fantasizing about something hot, his jacking speed increases. As his breathing becomes more intense Larry’s balls get tight and his cock erupts with a thick load of creamy jizz squirting all over his ripped torso and abs.
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