Nate and Spencer

Added:  Apr 07, 2018
Nate Grimes and Spencer Whitman just got back from an intense run when Nate tells Spencer that he believes he hurt his leg. Spencer begins massaging Nate’s calves when the next thing you know, Spencer’s hands are up Nate’s shorts. Nate’s rather large cock gets rock-hard the moment Spencer touches it, and Nate’s shorts get ripped off as Spencer is voraciously swallowing Nate’s cock. Our two hot studs quickly strip out of their clothes, and Nate is on his knees paying homage to Spencer’s thick, fat dick. Spencer bends Nate over the sofa and his tongue goes about boring thru Nate’s hot asshole. When Spencer gets Nate’s ass ready for his cock, he drives it in and starts fucking mercilessly. It’s not long before Spencer winds up on the bottom with Nate riding his dick like he’s mounting a horse. The two move to the floor, and Spencer throws Nate’s legs in the air, drives his cock back into Nate’s hole, and the pounding resumes. Nate’s makes it clear that he can’t hold back any longer. As Spencer is fucking his hole, Nate loses his load all over himself. Spencer pulls his cock out and begins showering Nate with a healthy amount of creamy jizz.
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