Nathan and Drew

Added:  Nov 11, 2017
There is chemistry from the start with Nathan Raider and Drew Dixon. Apparently, they saw each other naked before the shoot; and, Nathan was especially anxious to get Drew out of his clothes before the interview was over. They slowly strip each other out of their clothes; admiring each other’s hot, toned bodies. Their kisses are deep and very passionate. Nathan pulls down his pants and underwear. His cock is ready for some attention so, Drew drops to the floor and begins servicing Nathan’s rock-hard piece of meat. They both go at each other’s cocks like they have not eaten in days; swallowing each other until they almost gag. Nathan spins Drew around, bends him over the table and buries his face and tongue deep into Drew’s asshole. With Drew’s hole primed, Nathan stands and wastes no time burying his cock deep in Drew’s ass. Nathan pounds Drew’s hole the entire time, never letting up one second. Drew grabs his cock while Nathan is still pounding away and in no time, is squirting his love juice all over his tight, hot abs. Nathan pulls out and jerks a load that sprays all over Drew’s face and chest. Definitely one hot scene as Drew drops to the floor licking Nathan’s cock clean of his jizz.
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