Rico and Martin

Added:  Feb 24, 2018
Martin Hovor is looking for a room to rent; and, he meets up with potential landlord, Rico Fatale. As Rico is showing Martin the room, Martin sits down on the bed, tests it out a few times and then grins at Rico. Martin grabs his crotch; and, that was all Rico needed to kneel down by the bed and bury his face in Martin’s crotch. Rico pulls out Martin’s cock and swallows every inch of it; gagging as it rams against the back of his throat. Martin stands up and pulls Rico to his feet. Rico’s clothes quickly come off and Martin pushes Rico back onto the bed. Martin wastes no time sucking up Rico’s thick, uncut cock; and, Rico obliges with an intense face-fucking. Martin lies back on the bed, spreads his legs and Rico moves in again, licking Martin’s balls and ramming his tongue up Martin’s tight asshole. Rico wants Martin’s cock up his ass. He kneels down over Martin’s thick piece of meat and slides right down. The two immediately start going at it like bunny rabbits. Martin is pounding from below and Rico is riding with his own thick cock bouncing up and down. These two studs fuck their way all over the bed. In the final moments Martin is still pounding and Rico can hold back any more. With great force he blows his load of cum all over his tight abs and chest. Martin pulls out and jerks a hot load of jizz all over Rico’s face and mouth. Rico does not waste a thing as he sucks out the final drops of Martin’s load.
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